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    BessBooks Cloth Books

    Instill a love of reading.

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    BessBooks are for Sharing

    Warm family time.

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    BessBooks are Interactive

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    BessBooks are for Quiet Times

    Better than a lullaby.

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    BessBooks are Fun

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    BessBooks are Soft to Hold

    They become best friends.

BessBooks are soft, safe, educational and fun!

Welcome to BessBooks

BessBooks are developmentally appropriate cloth books for newborn babies to four year olds. These original, high interest stories have rhyming words, easy to recognize, block printed illustrations, bright colors, and include basic counting.

“The simple stories of “Kitty and Tiger” are easy for babies and toddlers to follow as everyday concepts are introduced. Children won’t want to let go of the soft cotton storybooks they can curl up with and fall asleep with. These cloth books will soon become favorite “toys.”

Celia Naranjo, former Creative Director for Lark Children's Books

The permanent, non-toxic colors on washable, cotton cloth assure parents that these books are soft and safe in their babies’ hands and mouths. BessBooks are durable. They are enjoyed by this generation and will become family heirlooms to be passed on to the next generation and the next…timeless.

BessBooks are proudly designed and made in Asheville, NC, USA.